Goldilocks app takes another exciting step forward

Goldilocks app

There’s lots of excitement at the Little Learning Factory this week – we’ve just completed another screen in our Goldilocks app, which takes us over the half-way mark of our app development project!

Goldilocks takes a walk in the woods

This lovely activity is my favourite one yet – Goldilocks strolls through the woods, whistling as she goes. On her way she spots some apples and flowers – which she decides to pick for her mummy (ahhh).

Little learners will have lots to explore – as Goldilocks needs their help to pick 5 apples and 5 flowers (great for counting practice and reinforcement).

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App development illustration

Artybot from the Little Learning Factory

A is for Artybot

App development illustration – some thoughts on the benefits that talented illustrators bring to an app development journey.

A is for Artybot – and Artybot is the alter-ego of Juliet Breese, a very talented friend of the Little Learning Factory.

Juliet is an illustrator, based in Yorkshire, UK and she has heaps of experience in children’s illustration. We are lucky enough to have worked with Juliet to bring some of the robots from the Little Learning Factory to life in our new downloadable free activity sheets for early literacy and maths.

The Little Learning Factory has been in our imaginations for a long time and Juliet’s special talent for taking our ideas and turning them into reality has been a great milestone in our app development journey.  Seeing some of our robot characters come to life through her drawings has been very exciting.

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Bank holiday early literacy with the alphabots

Bank Holiday Fun

Bank Holiday Fun

Everyone is ready for a relaxing bank holiday weekend at the Little Learning Factory. The story-making machines are turned off and we’ve clocked out for three days. All we need now is something to keep us out of mischief.

Luckily the Alphabots (some of our friendly Factory Robots) are on hand to keep us entertained with some fun colouring and word activities.

Meet the Alphabots (A to J) in this Free activity sheet

Ideas for using the Alphabots for early literacy with your 3-5 year olds … 

Laying the foundations of phonics at home is really important for helping your child to develop their early reading and early literacy skills. This can start with simple games that identify sounds around us and continue all the way up to being able to sound out simple everyday words.

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Early literacy – Pencil control and letter formation

Zigzagbot will help your pencil control

Zigzagbot is on standby to help with pencil control

We’ve prepared a free early literacy activity sheet for you to download and try with your little learners.

This activity sheet is part of our Early Literacy and Maths Activity Pack. If you’d like the complete Pack, enter you email address at the bottom of this post and we’ll pop it over on email.

Below are some additional handy hints and ideas for getting started with pencil control and letter formation … have fun!

Early literacy – pencil control

Starting to learn to write begins with pencil control and this starts with learning to hold a pencil correctly. There are lots of ways to  demonstrate the pincer grip (holding the pencil between the thumb and forefinger, resting it on the middle finger) – which is necessary for holding and manipulating a pencil.

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Educational apps are on the rise but where do they fit?

Chattybot speaks about educational apps

The use of children’s story apps and e-books are growing at an exciting rate. A recent Scholastic survey reported that the number of children using e-books (including story apps) has almost doubled since 2010 from 25% to 46%.

There are also indications that apps are playing a positive role in engaging children in reading:

50% of children aged 9-17 said they would read more books for fun if they had greater access to e-books (a 50% increase since 2010)
One in four boys who has read an e-book says he is now reading more books for fun
72% of parents show an interest in having their child read e-books

Source: Scholastic, 2013.

Another survey confirmed by CTIA confirmed that 77% of parents think tablets are beneficial for their children.

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