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Artybot from the Little Learning Factory

A is for Artybot

App development illustration – some thoughts on the benefits that talented illustrators bring to an app development journey.

A is for Artybot – and Artybot is the alter-ego of Juliet Breese, a very talented friend of the Little Learning Factory.

Juliet is an illustrator, based in Yorkshire, UK and she has heaps of experience in children’s illustration. We are lucky enough to have worked with Juliet to bring some of the robots from the Little Learning Factory to life in our new downloadable free activity sheets for early literacy and maths.

The Little Learning Factory has been in our imaginations for a long time and Juliet’s special talent for taking our ideas and turning them into reality has been a great milestone in our app development journey.  Seeing some of our robot characters come to life through her drawings has been very exciting.

My personal favourites are our ‘letter-themed’ robots – the Alphabots. Juliet’s creative mind leapt into action with these and we think they are perfect for teaching your little learners all about the alphabet. They’re great for a spot of colouring in too!

You can take a look at Juliet’s handy work in this free Alphabots free Activity Sheet.

To download the complete set of Alphabots simply enter your email address below (they’re free by the way)!

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You can contact Juliet at:  or via: she’s always keen to tackle her next illustration challenge.

If you have any thoughts/comments on app development illustration let us know! 


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