Little Learning Factory


So, what’s the Little Learning Factory all about? Settle in and find out.

What we do

At the Little Learning Factory we ‘clock in’ to produce educational apps that take children on learning adventures filled with humour, fun and positive messages.

Factory apps

Through our factory apps children step inside the Little Learning Factory, a magical place where story ingredients are made. In the factory children can build, test and dispatch story ingredients (with a little help from the busy Robot story-makers).

That’s not where it ends.

Story apps

In our story apps we take these ingredients, mix them up, add a dash of fun and oodles of creativity. The result? Complete, interactive stories full of activities for little learners to explore.

What we don’t do 

We want your little learners to enjoy our apps safely. That’s why you WON’T find any of the following in our apps:

  • In app purchases
  • In app advertising

Who we are

Little Learning Factory was born in the tea-fuelled imaginations of three friends. With shared experience in making educational books and software, we are very excited about the potential of apps for learning (and fun too).


James a.k.a Coderbot

Likes: Conquering new pieces of code, explaining sprite sheets, marmite sandwiches, talking about Vectors, carrying no less than five gadgets at any one time, helping others, loud drum and bass, Glastonbury, drinking smoothies, lunch-time baths, tea.

Coderbot beavers away at our programming and design.


Sarah a.k.a Storybot

Likes: Yoga, sleeping-in, dotting ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s, breaking detox plans for cake, telling funny stories, blowing bubbles, bike rides without maps, old black and white movies, curling up with a good book, bees, the sea, street art and dragonflies.

Storybot masterminds the content for each screen and keeps a very close eye on educational outcomes.


Catherine a.k.a Chattybot

Likes: Tea with lashings of cake, dancing, Latitude, afternoon naps, sweaty gigs, annoying Coderbot, crisp winter mornings, tweeting, getting lost in a good book and weekends watching box-sets.

Chattybot writes waffle (and carefully planned content) for our blog. She also dishes the latest Little Learning Factory chit chat on Twitter. Follow the chat here.

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